Vancouver, BC, Canada
VS2S Zone Information

The Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone (VS2S) is one of 9 geographic regional zones under the governance of BC School Sports.

The members of the Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone are the middle schools, and secondary schools of the LMISSAA, NSSSAA and VSSAA.

  • LMISSAA is comprised of members of the athletic association of independent schools that are geographically in the city of Vancouver.
  • NSSSAA is comprised of member schools within its athletic association.  
  • VSSAA is comprised of members schools within SD#39.
  • Unassociated schools - schools that are not official members of the LMISSAA, VSSAA or NSSSAA but are:
    • Registered members of BCSS,
    • An independent school in the city of Vancouver,
    • In school district#93, SD#44, SD#45, SD#46, SD#48 are also considered a part of the Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone.

The VS2S organizes zone championship tournaments which are considered the qualification tournaments to all BCSS sanctioned sport Provincial Championship Tournaments.  All teams/athletes qualify for BCSS Provincial Championships for all sports in all tiers through a VS2S Zone Championship tournament/event. 

The VS2S zone is governed by a Zone Executive body made up of 9 members representing the VSSAA, NSSSAA and LMISSAA. The individual Executive board members include three people from each athletic association. They include: the Athletic Association President, the District Athletic Coordinator (or designated representative) and, an Administration Representative.

Each sport is managed by a designated Sport Committee. Each Sport Committee is made up of 3-6 volunteers who represent each of the three athletic associations. A maximum of 2 members from each athletic association. Each athletic association has 1 vote for decisions made in Sport Committees or Executive Committee. 

With the exception of junior girls basketball and junior cross country (boys & girls), all VS2S championships are designated as senior aged championships.  For more information on the VS2S, please visit their website - VS2S.


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